pinoybassbooster-coverI work patiently to bring you quality bass boosted songs. Ever since the Trap genre becomes famous, I become interested. I am passionate of what I am doing, and always want to bring my listeners elsewhere by just listening to my work.


In this page, I am going to focus on giving my story of why I become interested in this hype. But before I start, let me tell you something:

Do not worry, the songs that I used are not copyrighted. They are free to use and I guarantee you that if you want to use one of my works, you can use them without a hassle. 

First of I am Dave from the Philippines, and it is very obvious that I am a “Pinoy” if you are looking at the design of the photo in this page. I was tutored in AMA Computer Learning Center for almost 5 years. I learned many things, including programming and computer troubleshooting. Too sad that the school had graduated its last batch this year (May 7, 2016).

But let me make one thing clear: I do not learn how to edit music in the school. 

I can learn independently, but if the subject is High School Math (especially geometry), I definitely need the aide of somebody!


So, how did I become interested in this worldwide craze? My neighbor has some loud speakers and oftentimes he would play songs like “Juicy Wiggle” and “Boombastic”. The songs are not bad, but in the following days the neighbor began to play songs without lyrics: the songs are emphasizing the beat.

I told myself, “Wwoooaahh…look at that effect!” I started dancing and jump to the beat.

Seriously, that just happened last year. In the desire to hear those kinds of songs lately, I searched YouTube “Top 40 September Songs” and most of the songs have no singer at all, like they are produced by DJ’s.pinoybassbooster-PROF I first downloaded “Karate”, and many songs were
downloaded thereafter. And soon, this year’s July, I started my own channel inspired by those songs.


This is just one of my hobbies. As I mentioned earlier, I learned many things in computer because of the school. Programming is one of my hobbies. I also have a Computer tutorial channel…and a website for the computer tutorials. Maybe one day, I will show you how to bass boost songs, so stay tuned (aaanndd, I am going to make a Trap song one day).


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